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Sent: 13 August 2008 23:55
To: lucy@spinningjelly.co.uk
Subject: Re: wedding booking 08-08-08

To The Spinning Jelly

Thank you so much for the great time that we had in the evening of our wedding. Your playing was excellent and the dances were so much fun. We didn't really quite now what to expect having a you and we had no idea if it would be a hit or not. But we truly couldn't have been happier and the feed back we have had from all of our guests is that you were great and they had a fantastic evening. We will see you in 25 years at our silver if we cant find an excuse to have you back before hand.

Sincerely Angela & John

Wedding - Gomersal Park Hotel

Sent: 05 March 2008 22:17
Hi Lucy,

Thanks very much for your best wishes. We had a fantastic time at our Ceilidh, which was largely due to the magnificent atmosphere you created. Several people commented on how much they enjoyed the live music and dancing (although after dancing to every song, Joanna and I were a little worse for wear come Sunday morning).

Please pass on our thanks to the rest of the band and Gwyndon.

Simon & Joanna

Wedding - East Riddlesden Hall

Sent: 04 April 2008 17:49
To: lucy@spinningjelly.co.uk
Subject: RE: Spinning Jelly Ceilidh

Dear Lucy,

Just wanted to write to thank you all for the great music you gave at the ceilidh last night. I've had a number of messages from people today and everyone enjoyed themselves, which is how it looked anyway! Thanks so much for coming and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Hope you got home alright.


Bradford University Peace Studies Students Ceilidh

Sent: 02 July 2007 20:34
To: lucy@spinningjelly.co.uk
Subject: RE: Best wishes

Dear Lucy
Thank you for your email and we are very glad that you enjoyed the evening too, we certainly had a super time not least because of your good selves and your music and instructor, thank you again.
Yours, Phill and Vicky x x

Wedding - Hurst Green Lancashire

Sent: 25 October 2006 16:35
To: lucy@spinningjelly.cjb.net
Subject: Re: Your wedding ceilidh

Hi Lucy,

Wanted to thank you too for a great night. We had several people
comment on what an excellent band you were! We really enjoyed the
night and were quite sad to leave early and miss more of the dancing!
If you are doing any ceilidhs open to the public in the Keighley area
(we live in Guiseley) then could you let us know as we'd quite like to

Thanks again,


Wedding - East Riddlesden Hall

Feedback and Reviews Continued........

PENNY: "First, a BIG thank-you for making our party on Friday such a fun event. Everyone said how very much they’d enjoyed it and you could tell they weren’t just being polite! The few non-dancers among the guests – and on the whole they had good excuses like recent hip replacements – got a lot of pleasure out of watching the (sometimes hilarious) goings-on on the dance floor too . . thanks again for making our party such a memorable occasion. You’ll be pleased to hear that some cousins who’d travelled 5,000 miles from California (just for the party) said it was the best evening they’d ever had . . ."

MARTIN: "Just to add a very big thanks from me too and to say that the calling was expertly done – just the right mixture of vigour and fun which made the dancing work (sort of . . .) without getting too primary school. You are real stars and you gave us a truly memorable silver wedding. So in 25 years . . ."

"Music that made you want to dance, music that generated enthusiasm and we all absolutely loved the caller. She made everything seem effortless, was so capable and calm and the tunes were perfect for the dances."

Sue Coe - Ryburn 3 Step


A play on Radio 3 Tuesday 11th September 2001:


Trad. arr. Spinning Jelly Lovely Joan / Billy Boy
Spinning Jelly

Jello 2 CD

T 9

Courtesy of Penny Gore, On Air, BBC Radio 3


To all the members of Spinning Jelly.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You were amazing. Everybody really enjoyed themselves and appreciated your music making. The audience also enjoyed participating in the percussion section---especially the older ones!

If ever anybody wants a ceilidh, then I shall heartily recommend yourselves.

What a wonderful band . . .kind regards to you all Jane & Simon (....20th May 2000)



Pete Bradshaw at Swanage FF: "Spinning Jelly's upbeat traditional English folk music was one of the delights of the Swanage Folk Festival".


"Spinning Jelly played a Ceilidh at our Students Union recently and they were nothing short of fantastic. The dance floor was packed and a massive variety of students joined in and enjoyed a great evening. SJ weren't allowed to leave the stage until they'd performed three encores and even this left the kids wanting more. I'd recommend them for any Ceilidh, truly professional and able to motivate the most apathetic of students into motion."

Claire Johnson, Entertainments and Promotions Manager,
University of Northumbria Students Union


" A band capable of intriguing arrangements ... [ with ] a formidable grasp of their chosen fields" (John O'Regan in Rock and Reel on "Starling Bridge")

" ... got the hall going with a fine blend of material ..." (Hector Christie, Melrose Music Festival)

"... Sure to provide a good night out..." (Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal)

"... a great band..." (Ilkley Folk Festival)

Overheard at a recent gig . . .

" . . .I've been to a few weddings lately, and they're all going in for this ceilidh shite."
"Yeah, what's wrong with a good old fashioned disco?"
"Yeah . . . . mind you, this is pretty good shite . . ."

Dear Spinning Jelly

We really enjoyed your performances at the Old Hill Inn this weekend; top show!

Martin, Jo, Hannah & Lizzie.

"There's something really good going on here."


John O'Regan in Rock and Reel



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