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The Allen, Brough and Whyatt families

The Allen Family.

information provided by John Gill

James Allen , widower with 2 children married Mary Jane Henderson. Thomas Scott Allen was born in 1878 ( my Grandfather ) died 1947. James Allen died of appendicitis when Thomas Scott was about 2 years old. Mary Jane Allen nee Henderson married Henry Gilbert Whyatt and had 3 more children.
Mary Jane Henderson, Grand daughter of James Henderson a weaver and Keeper of the House of Correction ( county Goal) Morpeth. Daughter of Edwin Henderson b.1826 d, 1907. Apprenticed as a draper. Became a freeman of the City of Newcastle. during the 1850s became a school teacher, training lads for the Port of Tyne quay side Baltic trade. Probably in the 1870 after the Education Act came in to force returned to drapery opening a business in Gateshead. He became an Alderman of the Borough and Justice of the Peace 
Thomas Scott Allen married Minnie Brough Aug. 11 1909 and had a Honeymoon tour in Scotland.
3 children.
Eileen b. Oct. 1910. m George Speller at Thornhill Methodist Church Sunderland Aug. 6 1931 d. 20th March 2010
Dorothy b. Dec 1913 . m. Kenneth Foyle at Wilton Parish Church Wiltshire. d 1981
James Brough b Feb. 1916. m. Eve Gerrard at Ebbesbourne Wake Parish Church Wiltshire.

Notes by Anne Denton (nee Speller)


Thumb for 17ashwoodterrjennymaid.jpg (178 KB) Eileen Allen (my mother) in the arms of Jenny the maid out side 17 Ashwood Terrace Sunderland. taken in 1911.  
The same house in April 2007
Thumb for broughgchildren.jpg (764 KB) Brough Grandchildren. front row R. Ian Robinson, GwynethRobinson children of Bertha Brough. Eileen Allen (my Mother) James Allen (Jim),  Dorothy Allen.
Back Row the Jolly Boys. The photo was taken for a celebration for the Grandparents.
Thumb for broughs.jpg (881 KB) The Broughs. Taken at the Gables, Benton Newcastle on Tyne. about 1905.
Back Row R.  Tom Jolly. My Great Grandmother Brough. Minnie my Grandmother.
Flo Jolly extreme right.
Front Row. Bertha. My Great Grandfather Edward Brough.
Thumb for edithjoeswife.jpg (60 KB) Edith. Wife of Edward Brough's youngest son Joseph
Thumb for eileen1910.jpg (355 KB) Eileen 1910. In her Christening gown with her Mother Minnie. The gown is still in existence. Mary has it.
Thumb for eileen1929.jpg (190 KB) Eileen about 1929 on holiday
Thumb for eileen.jpg (33 KB) Eileen 1911
Thumb for eileendorothy.jpg (249 KB) Eileen and Dorothy aged about 4 and 2.
Thumb for eileen4.jpg (483 KB) Eileen in childhood aged about 10.
Thumb for eileen1929-5.jpg (133 KB) Eileen 1929. this is more likely to be earlier, mid teens? She was 16 when she first met George the young minister at Thornhill Methodist Church. She once said she went into the room where her Father was with George to say goodnight to her Father and kissed them both goodnight. On the cheek I presume. That was their first meeting.
Thumb for gr-gpa-brough.jpg (245 KB) Edward Brough of the Gables. (My Great Grandfather)
Thumb for gr-grn-brough.jpg (288 KB) Great Granny Brough wife  of the Gables.
Thumb for jim.jpg (111 KB) James Allen (My Uncle Jim) age about 2 or 3. Now lives in Brixham Devon.
Thumb for joebrough.jpg (77 KB) Joseph Brough, of Broughs Grocery Provisions which were developed into a chain of shops. Sold out in the 1930s and used his money as a benefactor. He donated the Moot Hall Library in Hexam.
Thumb for tsallen.jpg (518 KB) Thomas Scott Allen at about 30 to 40 years ( My Grandfather ) Was an engineer. He developed trams as a young man and lost the sight in one eye as a result of a horse drawn cherry picker moving when erecting the wires. Was in Penang around 1905 working on trams. Married Minnie Brough in 1909. Settled in Sunderland. He had an engineering business making watertight doors. Sold out during the slump in the 30s. 

Moved to Wilton in Wiltshire and then to Ebbesbourne Wake where Uncle Jim had become a farmer.

Thumb for eileen&george.jpg (123 KB)
Thumb for whyatttsa-stepfather.jpg (95 KB)

Thumb for dorothykenmary.jpg (451 KB)   

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