The Squire's Leave    


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Eight dancers in a longways set

Step and Stick
1&4, 5&8; then 2&3, 6&7

Dance on

Top and bottom cast

Cross over

Square star

Change sides
and own circles

Cast off

On the spot, turn and dance off

This is one of our singing dances. A few years ago we had a competition to decide on the words. The winning entry was from the Norwegian duo Nils Points and Lars Torders:

Ha ha ha
Hee hee hee
I know a pub where the beer is free
Hee hee hee
Ho ho ho
Stick with me and off we'll go

The dance was created in our early days, during a period when the squire (Dick Taylor) was out of town. Not to say that creativity blossomed in these circumstances, just that he wasn't around to make us practice the other dances.

Little Brown Jug
This Old Man

Two well known tunes plucked at random from the wealth of English traditional music. Nobody remembers why, but they fit together very well. Oops! Click here to listen to clanger. I've just heard that LBJ is an American Civil War tune from Delaware. Oh well. After the sung intro, which is to the tune of LBJ  in the key D, the band come in with TOM in key G. This means that the last note D of the first tune is the same as the first note in the second. As it were. I always find key changes are especially interesting when the note is "inherited" across the change. The tunes continue to alternate through the dance, which is just as well as neither of them have a recognisable B part. The opportunities to add syncopation - even a bit of ragtime - are irresistible.

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