Flagcrackers of Craven

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Being a collection of hints and tips for musicians with laptops  and satellite phones . . .

Bedlam Boys

Drum Enter with 4 beats on "gravel"; double speed to introduce each sticking; half speed on last chorus

Black Pig
Drunken Sailor & Pugwash

Early finish Last B half normal length (8 steps)
Melody End on F# just before beat 9
Percussion End on beat 8

Captain's Farewell
Captain’s Farewell

Soft intro Melody only without chords
Early hit A bar 3: tie 1st note from last note of bar 2
Bends 1st B end on G; 2nd B end softly on Em
Ken's drum Drum End of moves 2nd B last bar play 1 2 - 4 instead of 1 2 - & 4
Abandon ship All Last B 2nd half Rule Britannia, pause before last note, shout "abandon ship!"

Cobbler’s Last
Cobbler’s Song & Cobbler’s Last

Sung intro After solo sing "aye, aye, aye, aye…"
Miss a beat Last 2 bars of A, 1st bar of B play 1 2 3 4, 1 2 - 4, - 2 3 & 4
Drum Sticking: same as sticking: 1 2 3 & 4, 5 6 7 & - &
Moves: 1 2 3 & 4
Percussion Sticking: only twice, on beat 8 in the gaps (7 & bang! &)
Moves: offbeat reggae style (1 and a, 2 and a)
Final rallentando To end dance off

Craven Stomp
Big Ship & Bobby Shaftoe

Key change Star & arms: on 2nd star change from D to G
Dance off Squeezer's choice

Shepherd's Hey

Short song intro Last 2 bars of A for intro to singing
Sticking stops Stops in 2nd half of sticking: 1 2 3 - , 1 2 3 -
Triplets Rounds: triplets in B 2nd bar (4 times)

Dilwyn Stick Dance

Clockwork Still for sticking; frolic in moves

Evesham Stick Dance
Fanny Frail & Fare Thee Well

Staccato Very short crisp notes during sticking
Fare Thee Well Band shout Fare Thee Well between lines of song

Grasswood Stump
Over The Hills

Key change From G to A after perversion; back to G after peel the bark
Timber Fall back twice to match dancers

Noah's Ark
Donkey Riding

Ins and outs Instruments enter and leave in turn
Circular Hey An extra A in here
Stops All in with stops on last B

Semerwater Pudding
Old Bazaar In Cairo & Waterddy Lane

Straight in Straight in to intro after dance on
Dots Undotted for sticking, dotted for moves
Cut Cut before charge off, finish undotted with drum flourish
Drum Off Beat on Bs


From B to A Hold last note of B, lean into A
Dance off Squeezer's choice

Squire's Leave
Little Brown Jug & This Old Man + Knees up Mother Brown (optrional for dance off)

2 tunes Alternate between Little Brown Jug and This Old Man

Extra B Play 2nd B of Little Brown Jug on change sides

Lord Of The Dance

Key change From G to Em for 3 tops hey, back to G for hey on the side
Dance off Squeezer's choice

Wrekin Havoc
Harvest Home & Pigtown Fling

Stops After 2nd, 4th and 6th time, then change tune
Willie hey Play 3 Bs