The Dilwyn 


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An even number of couples in a longways set

Sticking Opposite (R L RR L) x 4
Side (R L RR L) x 4

rhythm is slow slow quick quick slow
2 x crossover
, odds through evens, then evens through odds
Right hand stick-in star
then left hand stick-in star
2 x crossover, odds through evens, then evens through odds
Turn out for rounds
dance off

This is a very simple dance which we don't usually perform as a set piece, but as a finale for the audience to join in. We did perform it once though, at Upton upon Severn in 1997 in the mass dance to British Grenadiers. We lasted about 25 minutes - that's an awful lot of sticking.

For public workshops the moves have been shortened of recent years making the musical format AAB

House of Dinah

That's what we call it. Nobody lives in it. Probably the world's second most boring tune. Which is why we play the As standing rigid and motionless . . except for the occasionl twitch, and then go completely silly on the Bs. At one time we did a speciality act with three accordian players standing in a triangle, each playing the keyboard of the next. Try it. It's nearly fun.

Key G
Format AA BB

Format changed to AA B 2003-4 - nobody told the band until it was nearly too late.

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