Flagcrackers of Craven

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Flicks We perform traditional and contemporary border dances with single stepping*. We usually design one new dance each year, during the winter. The design process is very much a communal effort, with everyone welcome to contribute ideas.
double stepping introduced in Craven Stomp 2014

  Musician's Wrinkles (and we've got plenty)

Most pages now has a link to the official FS crib sheet in PDF format

New Dance - tunes

Laurie Farrer *

Traditional Dances
Dance Tune
Three Jolly Black Sheepskins Three Jolly Black Sheepskins
Upton Stick Dance The Upton Stick Dance Tune

Contemporary Dances
Dance Tune
Bedlam FC Bedlam Boys
Black  Pig Captain Pugwash (Trumpet Hornpipe)
Craven Stomp FC Bobby Shaftoe
Grasswood Stump FC Over the  Hills
Semerwater Pudding FC Waterddy Lane **
Wrekin  Havoc Grand Hornpipe
The Dance With No Name FC Gloucester Miner/Gloucester Hornpipe
The Mortal Coil FC The Shaking of the Sheets
Twiglets Jan Migne Man
Noah's Ark Donkey Riding
The Blind Dogs of Whitby Theme Vannetaise/Sunshine mid
Laurie Farrer Laurie Farrer *
Cobbler's Last FC Cobbler's Last *
Mr Dolly Weasel's Revenge

Not in current use . . . . .
Evesham Stick Dance Fanny Frail 
Squire's Leave FC Little Brown Jug/This Old Man
Captain's Farewell FC Captain's Farewell *
Dawley Shepherd's Hey
New dance Ring of Bells/Jameko
Green Man FC Fairy Dance
Dilwyn Stick Dance Dilwyn

*Tunes composed by Paul Hudson
**Composed by John Kirkpatrick copyright  Squeezer Music.
The notation is in The John Kirkpatrick and Sue Harris Tune Book Opus Pocus, page 50.

FC - Dances designed by Flagcrackers of Craven

We include a summary of our dance notation, with a description of the sticking and the names of the moves. If you'd like more detail, come and see us dance, or ask us to arrange a workshop. If you'd like to perform any of our dances we'd prefer you to develop your own interpretation of our ideas, rather than a straight copy, and we ask that you announce that this is "based on a dance designed by The Flagcrackers of Craven".