The Captain's Farewell


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Eight dancers in a longways set

Sticking 3 x
Step 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 8
Stick R L "Woo!" R R

    Dance on


Long corners

Weigh Anchor

This dance is in memory of Ken Simpson, 1934 - 1997, drummer, photographer, and master of the kit for several years. It includes our first attempt at syncopated sticking.

The Captain's Farewell

Written by Paul Hudson, this tune contains joy and sadness. We even attempt diminuendos at certain points, a feature which is not at all common in morris music. Like many of our tunes it features some very brief moments of complete silence. We finish off with a rousing fragment of Rule Britannia while the dancers form a capstan in the Weigh Anchor move. 

The capstan move was abandoned some years ago after several deckhands went overboard with the anchor cable.

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