The Blind Dogs of Whitby


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8 or 10 dancers in a longways set

  with apologies to Whitby Guide Dogs Fundraisers  and all other similar charities.

Paul says:

"In 2009, Val, Barbara and I ran border morris workshops at Whitby Folk Week. We taught Dilwyn as an example of a basic dance. During the week participants developed various ideas in the dance, changed the sticking to include hitting the ground, and changed the tune to Theme Vannetaise

By the end of the week the dance, then called Whitby Dilwyn, was fairly similar to what we now call Blind Dogs. The first public performance was at the showcase at the end of the week.

Since then FC have developed it gradually to its current version.

I think the name came from one of Dick’s announcements when he said we were “collecting for charities” like the Blind Dogs of Whitby."

The tune, originally composed by the Breton band Tri Yann, seems to have got mangled a bit in the process, but that's the way I play it and I'm sticking to it. Well actually the dancers are sticking to it  . . . .

Because we needed a bit of extra colour for a particular move we invented a counterpart of the tune in G major. I call it Sunshine.  [George]

Theme Vannettaise

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