About the Flagcrackers of Craven


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The Flagcrackers of Craven are a mixed Border side based in
Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Since their foundation in 1988 they have danced in locations from
Eire to Belgium, from Orkney to Kent.

They black up and wear clogs and colourful rag jackets.

Their traditional dances come from the borders of England and Wales.

They celebrate life and fun in dance and music.


The Flagcrackers of Craven black up their faces in the style of Border morris. There is no racial undertone or implication. Dating back many centuries this make-up has its roots simply in disguise. We welcome members of all race or creed to join us in celebrating the joy of traditional dance in this way.


  Squire Julie Greenwood

Foreperson Glynnis Cruice


Bag Jo Martin



Baldrick  Kevin Hallam




Treasurer  (Titus Pursius) Kevin Andrews

Musical Director - George Speller


Crapbook Seeker Viv Doveston



Publicity Bunny Jane Elison Bates


Sticky person (Tstick Tsar) James Trunks


Wardrobe Annie Speller


Extramuriel  Alan Perrow


The Flagcrackers are members of   

Practice venue is Kildwick and Farnhill Institute - practice 8-10 pm every Wednesday.


Visitors and prospective members always welcome. For further info see email contacts