Pics by Kevin, GS, Viv

York Festival 2012

What a brilliant weekend we had in York with the sun shining bright each day
And the Friday ritual of drinks and chat quite quickly got underway.
With Ian clenching his buttocks, which he said was exercise,
And Chris shooting pigeons at random as her bubbly cork flew through the skies!

How Kevin can ever get tiddly is a mystery to me,
With his 5 per cent bottle of wine, and the beer that's alcohol free!
But his humour was there, ever present, as the chickens around did roam,
When he stated "they're not oven ready" and offered one to Joan.

We had to disperse when Ryan arrived, as we were lounging around in his spot,
Then the fellas made him reverse his van through all the chairs whilst they watched.
Mind, he got his own back later, announcing mussels were THEIR tea,
So 11 of us piled into their van, to help them eat you see!

That was followed by Bailey's coffee, lovely at the end of a day,
We like to share each otherís grub, it's much more fun that way.
Well the following night it was Julie's turn to hand the goodies round,
As Rob and Becks announced that her 'stash' of food they'd found!

Not only that but Hilary and Keith when off to bed did go,
Provided entertainment with their Magic Lantern Show!
The rest of us were snuggling up to George's lovely fire,
Which, outside with no pesky smoke, is great before you retire.

The next day's walk onto the bus was pleasant in the sun,
As we followed Baz along the track and chatted, everyone.
We must have looked a frightening lot with blacking, bells and drum
But the passengers were friendly and the journey passed with fun.

We processed through York with all the rest, and the Mayor there was stood,
There were crowds of folk to watch us, and the other groups were good,
Especially the fellas from Brighton with their comedy and japes,
But stealing the sheep in Sheepskins didn't amuse Zak or Jake!

We mustn't upset those two, Zak's our successful mobile shop,
Now we need our badge suppliers to work hard without a stop!
We danced in various places, then our lunch break came along
So off we trooped to the pub with no beer, how could we get it wrong?

Once I'd remembered Grasswoods, it all went rather well,
With everyone dancing their hearts out, the routines all looked swell.
Even the announcers, the presentation didn't spoil,
eg. Hags, crones and pensioners-Alan's description in Myrtle Coil!

Finally the Festival ended, and we set off in good cheer,
But once again our chosen pub STILL hadn't any beer!
The next one had and we enjoyed it, whilst resting on the wall,
Before finally making our weary way back, quite happy, one and all.


8/9 Sept 2012


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