Slubbing Billy's Weekend

Huddersfield May 2001   

Flag Crackers go mad in Holme Valley............. Here are some of the sides present

Clerical Error

Flag Crackers weekend with Slubbing Billy was packed with incident.... The charcoal which we innocently bought for our in- gazebo heating system had been sabotaged by another Morris side, presumably, as it gushed smoke and fumes in an attempt to disable our crack formation dancing team..... (see pictures)Barbara wrestles with baulky brazier

The next day we went on a bus ride, which was hi-jacked to Cuba!! Indeed, we barely got to the venue in time for lunch, before we were off again, hurtling down the mountainous slopes of the Holme Valley to our final performance spot at Huddersfield, where we were observed by a crowd of uncomprehending Huddersfieldites who greeted some of our finest efforts with an almighty SILENCE!! I like to think it was the silence which greets any monumentous event, (eg:- the scaling of Mount Everest, the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb - " I see things....wonderful things...").

Next Day, on to Slaithewaite,- pron. Sloowooott.We pranced and danced all day, alongside the canal, having an utterly glorious time!!Many thanks to Slubbers, for giving us a great weekend!

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