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Hey! Why are you wearing that disguise?

Joint Morris organisation handout


The Flagcrackers of Craven black up their faces in the style of Border morris. There is no racial undertone or implication. Dating back many centuries this make-up has its roots simply in disguise. We welcome members of all race or creed to join us in celebrating the joy of traditional dance in this way.

Visitors and prospective members always welcome. For further info see email contacts

History Corner: 1989, 2000 and 2001 crapbooks now online!


Flagcrackers dance The Black Pig at Durham Folk Party


Have you seen us, would you like to see us dancing at some of Craven's lovely pubs?

If so please pass this on to any landlords and ask them to contact us. If you're a landlord please do get in touch as we would love to dance and drink beer this year with you.

All we need is a flat hard surface to dance on. Sorry but we can't do gravel or grass.

See email link for contact details.




Pleased to dance out with:

Hexamshire Lasses
Britannia Coconutters
Minster Strays
Buttercross Belles








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Practice venue is Kildwick and Farnhill Institute - practice 8-10 pm every Wednesday.


Visitors and prospective members always welcome. For further info see email contacts


Mona plays the big drum

In his rags and his tatters his sweat and his soot . . .Here is is England in ribbons from his head to his foot [Christmas Champions, Hugh Lupton and Chris Wood]

". . . .millions of them. Fabulous, spectacular costumes, hundreds of them, everyone's playing or doing something . . . " John Kirkpatrick





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